Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November 20, 2018

There's excitement it the air! 
Please enlist the help of your second graders in the kitchen. We are learning about fractions-1/2, 1/4, and 1/3.  We've learned that a fraction is part of a whole, the equal parts fit together to make the whole, and the whole can change. So the whole could be a cup or a teaspoon.  It's math in the real world!

Winter Gear:
  • Please label all clothing.
  • A durable cloth bag works great for keeping it all together
  • Children need shoes to wear in the classroom.

If you have any gently used coats , please DONATE them to the Student Council Coat Drive, going on now through the second week in December! 
The box is in the front lobby. 

Our classroom will transform into a bakery tomorrow morning.  The halls will be greeted with the scent of pumpkin bread. Please send supplies labeled so they will be returned promptly.  Thanks again for your contributions. I'll share pictures.
Savor the time with your loved ones. Rest. Laugh. Read. Linger.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

November 14, 2018

Dear Parents~
I am thankful for the sunshine today.  Outdoor recess is so necessary in refueling and recharging seven and eight year old bodies.  They need the air and the movement. Warm hats and mittens are a good call as it sounds like we might be getting a little sno...... I just can't finish that word.  Not yet. 
Math: Hope you have some fun with Naughty Ones this week.  We talked a little bit about probability before we played the game.  You can continue that conversation and expand on it if you wish.  What are the odds of getting snake eyes (my Uncle Steve taught me that term) when you've rolled all the way to 94?  It happened a few times in class yesterday.  It's good practice with adding as we transition from place value to time and fractions.  I hope you have an analog clock at home!
Thankful Project:  PLEASE send the parent homework project to me this week.  I am creating a bulletin board for the children for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Bread: Our annual bread baking extravaganza will take place next Wednesday morning.  Thank you for contributing your time and the ingredients to make it happen. The bread will come home fresh baked with love.
Mystery Reader: We are an energetic crew, but we always sit still for a story.  The stories that are shared on Friday afternoons are poignant and entertaining.  There are so many incredible children's books available to spark conversation or just share a giggle. Thank you to Janet and Laura Marrone for sharing the love this week. Please join us.
Enjoy the day~

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

November 6, 2018

Hi Parents~
I'll be wrapping up my fall conference this week.  It's so important that we set goals together to support your children in all aspects of their life in school. We'll sit down again in March to look at continued progress, but please don't wait until then to contact me with questions, concerns, or celebrations.  I truly appreciate your support and trust. 
Pumpkin Pride: Thank you to Debbie Collett, Lidet Million, Daniela Vinci-Mannix, Meg Flatley, and Leigh Robertson for throwing a perfect pumpkin party in Room 4.  It was just the right sprinkling of joy and playfulness for all of us.

Idioms in Motion- Our fourth grade buddies taught us about figurative language last week in a most creative way.  See if you can figure these out!

Mystery Reader: Friday afternoon surprises in our classroom are sacred. Our mystery readers have shared old favorites as well as publications hot off the press.  The children love to hear stories and like to know why you selected the books that you share. Thank you to Meg and Emmet Flatley for stirring up some laughter,  good thinking,  and conversation last Friday.  Sign up here if you can join us.  

Thanksgiving arrives in a few short weeks.  We'll be baking bread in the morning on November 21 to uphold a memorable second grade tradition.  Debbie shared a sign up document if you'd like to help out with ingredients and/or baking utensils.  
PLEASE send your "parent homework" to school at your earliest convenience.  Here is a copy of the assignment.  I'll have them on display when the children arrive at school on Wednesday.  Thank you!
Our November share is, of course, about gratitude and Thanksgiving traditions. Assigned sharing dates will come home today.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 29, 2018

October 29, 2018

Hi Parents~
I hope you had some time this past weekend to do what best restores and energizes you- even for some fleeting moments.  It's hard to care for others if we don't nurture ourselves.  
     I will be at the Literacy for All conference in Providence today and tomorrow.  I am always excited to attend conferences that recharge and inspire me.  Whitney will be taking the lead as she knows the children and will get many of her teaching hours in!
Open Circle- Beth Santomenna taught a powerful lesson on following our group plan- the plan we  design for the children's learning, both academic and social.  We function best as a group when we show others respect and compassion.  Sometimes we have to be reminded how others feel when learning time is interrupted. When behavior is unexpected. The classroom is a wonderful place to practice respect and compassion.  Thanks, Ms. Santomenna!


Owen is a builder.

Mystery Reader:  Thank you to Mr. Beaureguard for showing up to read to us last Friday.  He read The Kissing Hand and shared that his family cared for a baby raccoon when he was a child.  Sign up here if you'd like to join us.
Congratulations to the Dixon family!  They welcomed Quincy Dominic to the world last week. Quincy is so lucky to have brother like DJ!
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

October 23, 2018

Hi Parents~
I hope your week is going well.  We are busy learning and nurturing a positive and productive classroom environment here at school.  Here's a few brief updates and some pictures that capture some special moments.
Blue Hills:  Thank you to Meg Flatley, Albert Ng, and Nadya Guryanova for chaperoning our trip last Friday.  It was a perfect day for hiking and learning more about weather at one of the oldest weather stations in the country.  We returned to Happy Hollow just in time to fly the kites we made.   
Book Fair:  Our class will visit the Book Fair this Thursday at 12:15.  Parents are invited to shop with their children today from 3:15-6:15, during our classroom visit, or during movie night this Friday.  Please send your children with money on Thursday if they will be shopping on their own. If not, they can browse with me for classroom selections.
Harvest Celebration: Debbie Collet is organizing a fall celebration scheduled for Wednesday, October 31.  Thank you in advance for your support and for volunteering to help.
Parent Homework: I sent home the Top Secret Parent Homework with those I met at conferences. I will continue to share it with parents this week and next.  Please return it at your earliest convenience.  Click here if you need another copy.
Sharing Talents: Here are a few more talents that were revealed in the last week.  We have some very creative second graders!
Maddy designed aqua bead ornaments. 
Oliver enjoys making crafts.

Nicky designed a rainforest mural.
Gabe makes bracelets using yarn.  He also taught his peers how to make bracelets.

Zooey is a singer.

Miles is a talented Lego builder.

Ivy designed a treasure box with gold coins inside.
Kylen created a maze.

Emmet used wood to build a pet that looks just like his dog Ferges.
Levar used recycled materials to teach us about the inventor of the dust pan.

Rafa is a pianist and an artist.

Ayehu is a painter.

Mystery Reader:
 A big thank you to Zooey and her mom for sharing some special stories with the class last week.  Please let me know if you'd like to share a few books with the class.  You can sign up here or contact me directly.

Thank you for your continued support!

Monday, October 15, 2018

October15, 2018

Dear Parents~

Meeting Our Fourth Grade Buddies: Last Wednesday we met our  buddies from Ms. Roger's classroom.  The children had some time to get to know one another and do a little writing.  Our buddies will be joining us for reading, writing, and some special activities throughout the year.

Science: How do you know air is there? Our second graders pondered this question and then used a small baggie holding a balloon, a cotton ball, a straw, and a feather to prove that air is everywhere- including inside of us. We discovered that the movement and temperature of air has a lot to to with the changing weather.  On Friday we learned a water cycle song and created our own water cycles that you'll see displayed on our classroom windows.   We'll be talking about anemometers and rain gauges today. Our trip to Blue Hills Observatory is scheduled for tomorrow.  Here is a copy of the reminder that is coming home today.

Sharing our creative spirits in Room 4:
Will designed this fish t-shirt.
Savannah made a scrapbook.
Laura sewed a stuffed animal and made it a home.
Ameerat is a poet.

Mystery Reader: Thank you to Kara, Oliver, and Owen for sharing some fun stories with us last Friday.  It was an eventful Friday afternoon.  We were entertained by the select band, orchestra, and chorus from WHS and then our mystery readers. If you'd like to read to the class here is the link to sign up.  Children can also invite someone in school to read to the class and join them.  I'd like every child to participate during the school year.
Kara, Owen, and Oliver in 2016.

Kara, Owen, and Oliver return in 2018.
Conferences: I am enjoying our conferences. We use this time to discuss transitions to second grade, academic and social observations and overall goals for your child this year.  Please come with questions and ideas.  Here is the confirmation list.
Have a great week!

Monday, October 8, 2018

October 9, 2018

Dear Parents~
It was a lovely long weekend.  I hope you enjoyed some outdoor scenery and maybe the opportunity to catch up on a few items on that "to do" list. I read somewhere recently that we should call this our "to be" list. To be present, to be generous, to be kind - the verb or adjective is your choice.  
On Sunday my son had his senior photo taken at Wellesley College as I walked around the lake with a friend and marveled at the passage of time. I also captured a few awesome images of my own.  
Science: We learned about temperature and reading thermometers in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.  The metric system is much easier to teach and remember. This week we'll learn about the water cycle and clouds.  Our trip to Blue Hills is next Tuesday, October 16.  Maddy, Emmet, and Nicky's parents will be our chaperones. Let's hope the weather cooperates!
Math: Our first unit assessment is finished and I will share it with you at conferences. We're starting place value this week.  I hope you are enjoying the math games at home.
Writing: Our notebooks have finally arrived!  The children enthusiastically designed the covers with their collage materials capturing the people, places, and things they treasure. I just love them. We are working on narrative stories.
Reading: If you'd like to add Lexia and Raz Kids to your child's reading diet at home feel free to do so.  I can adjust the Raz Kids levels if they need changing.  We started our Reading Shuffle today when we shuffled our second graders to new teachers, the computer lab, and/or independent reading. Reading Shuffle takes place every Tuesday and Thursday. Groups will change to meet individual needs throughout the school year.  
Mystery Reader- Thanks to Debbie, Katie, and Will for entertaining us with some super stories last Friday.  This was their second tour- Will joined Katie and his mom when he was in kindergarten.  I think it was destiny for him to land in Room 4 this year.  Sign up to join us! 
November 2016
October 2018

Ms. Santomenna teaching about the Zones of Regulation.  
We strive for the Green Zone!

 Practicing the card game Multiples of 10 today...

Have a wonderful week!