Monday, September 17, 2018

September 17, 2018

Hi Parents~
I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  In response to our morning question children reported that weekend festivities were either "awesome" or " pretty good" so they were happy. I am always encouraging students to capture ideas for Writers Workshop.  Tomorrow I will make a big deal about "noticing notebooks" which should be used to write those ideas down. Please ask about them and encourage your children to keep them close at hand. 
Picture Day- We'll be smiling for our school photos tomorrow.  Picture forms went home last week and should be returned with your orders in the morning.
Mystery Reader- Here is the link for our Mystery Reader sign up. This is a perfect Friday afternoon surprise and the children just love our visitors.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, and special friends are welcome. Let me know if you have questions.
Brynn and Brady- Thanks to Brynn for surprising her classmates by introducing her newest pet, Brady the snapping turtle.  I used this as an opportunity to begin our first shared narrative writing experience.  Mr. Lee and Dr. Unobskey just happened to enter our classroom at the height of the excitement. It was fun to share our writing leads and different perspectives on the same experience.  What an engaging way to begin our first stories!

Homework Logs- I received most of the first reading log homework last Friday. I know routines take time. Second graders should be reading every night. This week they'll come home with the math game called Uncover. We practiced the game at school and directions/materials are provided.  The homework expectations can be found right below the reading/math log. The log should be returned on Friday with a parent signature.
Conferences- It was a pleasure to see you at our Curriculum Night and I look forward to our first conferences in the coming weeks.  Here is the link to the sign up sheet.  Please consider this your confirmation.  If you did not have an opportunity to sign up please do so at your earliest convenience. 
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11, 2018

September 11, 2018

Dear Families:
Welcome to your first official week of homework in second grade.  
Homework Expectations:

  • READING LOG:.  Children are asked to start with 15-20 minutes of reading per night, Monday through Thursday.  Fill out the information on the Reading Log.  Reading Logs are due on Fridays.
  • MATH:  I will send games home to play with your family starting next week.
Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, September 12, 7:00 pm- Curriculum Night, for adults only. I hope you can make it!

Wednesday, October 10:  Fall Conferences begin.  A signup sheet will be available at Curriculum Night.

I welcome your feedback or questions.  Email Gretchen_Knox@



Thursday, September 6, 2018

September 6, 2018

                                                September  2018
Dear Families,

It has been a terrific first week despite the heat. We’ve managed to occupy a few air-conditioned spaces when they are available. Your children are troopers! We are working on getting to know each other and building our classroom community. Routines and expectations will be practiced and discussed in the coming days. Yesterday we welcomed a new student, Ameerat Ayinde, to our classroom family. She transitioned beautifully with the help of her thoughtful classmates.  

Student Teacher: Whitney Moorman is a student teacher from Regis College who will be with us for the next few months. Kristin Fay, our special education liaison, and I are delighted to have another teacher in the classroom and happy to support Whitney’s teaching journey.

Handbook:  The office requires that every student read our Student Handbook and parents read the Family version.  There is a page at the end to sign and we have made copies of this page for you.  Please read the handbook, sign the pages sent home today, and return them to school as soon as possible.

Curriculum Night will be on Wednesday, September 12, from 7:00- 7:30. This is a great opportunity to learn about life in Room 4, how you can support your child’s progress, and ways you can participate during the school year. I hope to see all of you then.

Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held in October and November. A sign-up sheet will be available on Curriculum Night.

Classroom Routines:
Snack: We have a late lunch (12:45) so students have time to eat a healthy snack every morning. Each student must bring his/her own snack. Occasionally students can purchase a snack from the cafeteria, but sharing is not permitted and we have been asked not to provide food in the classroom.  

Homework: Your second grader will have homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights this year. A focused 20-30 minutes a night is expected. Homework for the week will usually be sent home on Monday and will be due back each Friday.

Blog:  I update my blog on a regular basis and I will send you a link when the updates are posted. Thank you to those of you who shared your email addresses. This is the only hard copy I will send this year.  If you did not receive the blog email by the end of the week, please send me your email addresses. Also, if you DO NOT want pictures of your child on the blog please let me know.

Field Trips:  We will need chaperones for field trips and volunteers to help with classroom parties and special events. Room parents will assist me in finding volunteers.  Any parent who wishes to volunteer in the classroom or chaperone a class trip must complete a CORI form. These forms can be found in the office. Please do this early in the year, since they take a week or so to process.

You will see a lot of papers come home at the start of the year -  please send them back as soon as possible. If you have any questions let me know. The best way to contact me is by email at Gretchen_

It’s going to be a wonderful school year.  I’ll see you next Wednesday.