Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018

Hi Parents~
Again, I'm so happy it's spring, except for the fact that our calendar chart reminds us there are only 29 days of school remaining. I love this group of children- it's been amazing to watch them grow and change. So... we have 29 days to savor and to live it up... there is a lot to look forward to.
Yard Sale- I think this might have been one of the best days for some of our savvy second graders.  It was entertaining at the least.  No tears this year!  Maryanne graciously rolled all the coins.  We'll decide this week where we will donate the change. Some students are presently conducting a service learning project for Buddy Dog- I think the children would like to support that organization.  We'll decide as a class.

Meet Jessica Bossolt- Ms. Bossolt is our Occupational Therapist and a yoga teacher.  She recently lead the class in several quiet ways to move and reboot. It's not unusual to see second graders stretching and moving in the classroom as needed to regulate their bodies and focus their minds.
I like that the exercises are quiet 😊.  See if your child can teach you a few calming moves at home.

Interviews- We are sharing the interviews this week in the spirit of hard working community workers. Thank you for your help behind the scenes.  
North End Excursion- This trip is a great opportunity to tour this slice of Boston.  Please send in your permission slips this week.  We'll be in touch next week with an update.
June 1, 2018- Mark your calendars!  Join us in Room 4 for our Second Grade Celebration. Invitations will arrive this week.

Maryanne and I received flowers last Friday which helped in ending our week feeling very appreciated.  Thank you for your kindness.

Thank you to Nell for showing up to be the Mystery Reader last week.  We all loved her share- I marveled at the idea that she was in my second fifth grade class at HH- 30 years ago.   How can that be?  Please contact me if you"d like to join us- Fridays are full, but I'm happy to work with your schedules.

Thank you for sending such wonderful children my way. Have a great week!

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